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SPN 6.15

Well I loved that, but then I love the meta episodes.

I was really entertained for most of it.

I wish Ben Edlund wrote a lot more of the episodes, because his episodes are usually head and shoulders over everyone else's.

SPN 6.5


Off to watch again.
So watch out - the thought police are out in force in SPN LJ land tonight.

People are having illicit thoughts and they must confess them so they can be erased.

SPN Series Finale: Paradox

So here's the paradox in the series finale:

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Templates and Speculation

So, with all the below par episodes this year, the whole directionality of the plot has been extremely murky this year, at least to me. Unlike last year, I might add, where the template of the arc became quite clear in early episodes on series 4.

But, the recent episode, My Bloody Valentine, repeated an emotional pattern we had already seen explicitly in Sam, Interrupted. That is, Sam getting angrier and angrier, raging. And, contained within the same space, Dean becoming so lost and withdrawn with all the weight of the world on his shoulders and his horror and terror, he's paralyzed into inactivity and, though he is witnessing it, he can't do anything to help Sam. Too withdrawn or lost.

In Sam Interrupted, this happened in the scene where Dean's increasing madness from the wraith makes him turn so paralyzed and inward, he simply sits and watches while Sam, who thinks he is seeing an entire room of opponents attacking him, lashes out at empty air, and is then subdued and carted off by the medical staff - during which time Dean continues to watch and do nothing, his gaze transfixed internally, one imagines at all the horror, in a total break with every core pattern that Dean has ever exhibited. That's Dean pushed past his breaking point.

In My Bloody Valentine, a repeat of this emotional template happens in the penultimate scene. Sam enters the restaurant all hopped up on demon blood, and through barely leashed rage uses his demon powers to destroy Famine by exploding him from the inside out. Meanwhile, Dean is so shocked and horrified by Sam appearing like that, revealing another line of vulnerability to Lucifer, at the crucial moment, he's paralyzed into complete inactivity instead of simply moving forward to cut the ring off of Famine while he is distracted by Sam. The opportunity is wide open and it is really jarring that Dean does nothing in that moment, that he can apparently do nothing at the crucial moment. Just watch, once again, in horror.

We've been shown another such moment in Abandon All Hope, after he shot Lucifer the first time with the Colt; he's too shocked to empty the entire barrel into Lucifer and just stands there uselessly after the first round, watching, horrified that their last, best chance to kick Lucifer in the ass fails utterly. At the time the episode aired originally, people were perplexed as to why Dean had no follow through. Not that more than one shot would have helped, if the first one did nothing.

So, it seems likely, that this is a pattern we are going to see repeat several times in the next episodes in various ways, and that further, it may even happen in one of the big ones - if Sam ends up saying yes to Lucifer for some reason that is still unclear to us, will Dean watch it happen in horror, paralyzed, unable to intervene?

That said, I think the shape of some of the rest of the season is unclear. I think Dean and Sam will probably say yes at some point, because I think it will be more fun dramatically. But, of course, I am not sure and all this could be an elaborate feint by the writers to convince us that the boys will eventually say yes and then at the last minute, they will actually pull out a brilliant plan. Or a terrible plan that works any way - which is more like what they normally do. Or perhaps they will say yes with caveats - which is kind of what I think Dean at least will do.

Or maybe Crowley will return and he will have a better plan than his first one with the Colt. An alliance between the boys and Crowley against Lucifer would be fairly fascinating. Not least, because it would turn on its head the whole moral framework of the Sam/Ruby alliance, making mincemeat of Dean's accusation in episode 5.1, that Sam trusted a demon more than his brother. Though to complete that circle fully, the actual alliance would have to be between Dean and Crowley, without Sam. Anyway, just throwing ideas out there.

I do think the task is too large and they are too tired to succeed without help. And help from Crowley as opposed to heaven would be just the kind of irony that Supernatural loves to explore.

Legion, hmm.

So, for anyone watching SPN, the plot of Legion sounds pretty damned familiar, and even has Adrianne Palicki in it to boot. Except I think I prefer the relatively low tech approach in SPN. Well, that is, if they ever get there - instead of dragging it out the way they did in the first half of the season. (Heh, I almost said this semester - which pretty much fits the TV scheduling mindset for most shows.)

Damn. Given the title, I was hoping it was going to be a Roman flick.

And happy last day of Chanukah tonight!
So all season long I've swung back and forth about Dollhouse, wanting to make sure I gave it the benefit of the doubt and being interested but not enamored and waiting out the dreary beginning.  

It felt very postmodern to me - and I don't have a natural affinity for postmodernism.  Instead of fantasy, it's world view seemed very bleak - grim, mundane reality, and the notion of identity was something that kept on being reinterpreted, overlaid again and again with something new, depending on who and what agenda was behind the machine.  To the point where the notion of intrinsic meaning or core value was being called into question.  

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Complete and utter narcissism if you ask me.    
He should just go into therapy and stop taking his guilt trip and various anxieties out on us. </div>

Worried about Bobby

Spoilers for 4.20 and Future Spec

I'm pretty worried about Bobby.  In fact, I've been worried about him for months now.  We know Dean is going to lose Sam to the darkside.  That's been clear for months and months.  

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Winchester Haiku

Haiku2 for abrakadabrah
what sam wants to turn
into and what we know dean
never recounted
Created by Grahame